Why Tokay Geckos and Other Nocturnal Animals Can Hunt at Night

Posted on: July 14th, 2013 by JE

Tokay geckos like other nocturnal animals (or animals that are active at night rather than in the day) have certain characteristics that enable them to hunt after the sun have set. These traits help them to survive and thrive well at night. And to further understand how Tokay geckos and other nocturnal animals manage it through the night, below are the traits most nocturnal animals share.

They have highly sensitive ears.

Normally Tokay geckos have sensitive ears to help them find their prey and evade their predators. Some nocturnal animals even have special auditory adaptations that help them hear excellently. It allows them to increase their hunting capabilities. For instance, cats have flexible ears that enable them to locate certain sounds easily.

They have a good sense of smell.

Most but not all nocturnal animals have a good sense of smell. Tokay geckos in particular may not have a good sense of smell compared to dogs but because of the Jacobson’s organ located on the roof of their mouth they are able to identify the scents in their environment. They use their tongue to trace the scent of their prey or detect predators that are nearby. Because of this special smelling mechanism, Tokay geckos and other nocturnal animals are able to find the most elusive prey and evade the best hunters in the wild.

They have exemplary sense of taste.

Nocturnal animals have very strong sense of taste. This trait is also known as gustatory adaptation. This trait enables nocturnal animals to navigate their way in and out their territories. Nocturnal snakes, for instance, use their olfactory receptors found on their tongues to hunt and catch their prey.

They can see clearly at night.

Being able to see clearly at night is one of the best traits of most nocturnal animals like Tokay geckos. Tokay geckos can see clearly at night and can even spot their prey meters away. Some nocturnal animals such as owls have larger eyes that are able to gather limited night time light very effectively. Most nocturnal animals, such as Tokay geckos in particular, have a very sensitive rod cells in the retina that can focus the light and help them create a visual image even with the very limited light in the environment. With this kind of vision, Tokay geckos can effectively run after their prey. They can even use it in their advantage to evade their predators.

However, contrary to the common belief, not all nocturnal animals can see clearly at night, or may have all this characteristics. One may have some of these traits but may not have the other. Nevertheless, each trait may work in place of another. For instance, owls may not be able to smell preys that are nearby, but they can spot them in a distance even in the darkest night.

Nature is indeed wonderful. Tokay geckos may be different from your usual pets but they have many wonderful traits as pets. They can even impress you more than you expect them to.


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