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What Makes Tokay Gecko a Good Pet?

Posted on: November 4th, 2012 by JE


Geckos are Better than your Wall Paintings

If you would have a pet, what would it be? This is the first question you would most likely consider when choosing what animal you would keep as a pet. Looking deeper, the primary question must be – what would you like your pet to be for you? Would your pet be your best friend, a play buddy, a cuddling thing when you sleep? Or would your pet simply be for show and decoration? Would you like them to be very interactive with you or would you rather have them in their own place freely moving but not to bother you in any way? If you love interaction with your pets to be, chose among cats, dogs or even birds. But if you like those only for your eyes, then go for the reptile types or the fishes. They barely make a sound and hardly interact if they do at all.


When Kids Meet Tokays

Posted on: September 21st, 2012 by JE


Teaching Children How to Care for Tokays

Tokay geckos, given the right care, can really make good pets for the entire family. However, knowing the natural aggressiveness of Tokay geckos, it is almost impossible to believe that children and Tokays can be good friends. Yes, it is kind a bothering but with the right approach, children and Tokays can be best of friends.


What’s on a Tokay Gecko’s Call?

Posted on: August 20th, 2012 by JE

Tokay Geckos are naturally born on the wild. Their normal environment makes them evasive to humans. Keeping them in captivity as pets would require extra effort so that you can get along with them well. Just like babies who cannot talk to express their feelings and emotions, there are also ways by which geckos can express their mood or feelings. To understand them well, gecko owners must keenly observe their pets. Tokay Geckos may behave differently depending on the environment where they grew. Geckos caught in the wild are a little bit more difficult to deal with compared to those who were raised in terrariums. (more…)