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Living with Tokay Geckos

Posted on: November 25th, 2012 by JE

If you have tried to live in the remote areas of the tropics or sub-tropical areas of the Asia Pacific, you may have heard the eerie “to-ko” or “to-kay” barking just as the sun has fully set around five thirty in the afternoon or six in the evening. This marks the evening concert of many crickets and bug species through the night. If you are lucky, frogs would join in especially when rice puddles or ponds are filled with water after the rain of during the high tides of the full moon and the new moon. Tokays only make this evening call at dusk to mark their territorial hunting ground for the night from the other Tokays. Tokays try to outcry one another from tree tops to tops or house to house much like the pride of roosters trying to out-crow the others in the area at dawn. Tokay Geckos croak like toads and hiss like snakes when they are fighting or trying to fend an intruder or when they are threatened in one way or the other.


Making Your Gecko’s Life Interesting

Posted on: November 17th, 2012 by JE


What do you think makes life interesting for your Tokay Gecko? Life would not be worth living even us humans if there is nothing worth our interest or if nothing is interests us at all. Yes, you have provided a perfect habitat for your Tokay Gecko with a good sized basking rock, tree branches or small plants to climb on, black light when the weather is cold or a temperature controller, flowing water fountain for drinking and moisture, and some other state of the art accessories, what else can make your Tokay Gecko’s life very interesting? Of course, food! Tokay Geckos do not appreciate too much attention and handling. Although they can be tamed, they normally bite and almost at all times attempt to escape. Handling care is greatly advised since geckos let go of their tails easily to attempt escape and even if they would eventually grow back in time, they will not look as beautiful as ever.


What Makes Tokay Gecko a Good Pet?

Posted on: November 4th, 2012 by JE


Geckos are Better than your Wall Paintings

If you would have a pet, what would it be? This is the first question you would most likely consider when choosing what animal you would keep as a pet. Looking deeper, the primary question must be – what would you like your pet to be for you? Would your pet be your best friend, a play buddy, a cuddling thing when you sleep? Or would your pet simply be for show and decoration? Would you like them to be very interactive with you or would you rather have them in their own place freely moving but not to bother you in any way? If you love interaction with your pets to be, chose among cats, dogs or even birds. But if you like those only for your eyes, then go for the reptile types or the fishes. They barely make a sound and hardly interact if they do at all.