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4 Things You Must Not Forget When Shipping Your Tokay Geckos

Posted on: April 13th, 2013 by JE

In pet trade, shipping animals is something you frequently do especially if you’re into breeding. Often, you find good breeders offshore and shipping them to your address is the most convenient way to get them or a client who is residing from another State ordered your new Tokay gecko morph, and shipping them is the cheapest and easiest way to get the gecko in your client’s address.  (more…)

Tokay Gecko

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by JE

Tokay geckos are lizards originally found in tropical countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Tokay gecko grows around from 7 to 15 long, and they usually have grayish shade and orange spots. There is really no clear account how the first Tokay reach US and Europe. Some accounts suggest that the first Tokay geckos were stowaways in ships doing commerce in the Southeast Asia in the early years. Still some stories tell that the Chinese first introduced Tokay geckos in the Americas as a medicine, and somewhat some escaped and became the ancestors of today’s Tokay gecko found in the wild. But these are just stories.


When Your Hobby Becomes Business

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by JE

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Turning Your Tokay Gecko Hobby into Business

It’s been years since you had your first Tokay, and you’re doing well breeding them and you have a good collection of these beautiful creatures in your home. One day, an idea hits your mind – why not turn your hobby into a real business? You are thinking about selling your pets online. However, before doing so, you may want to take a deep breath and try to consider these things before turning your hobby into an online Tokay business.    


Buying a Gecko Online? Don’t Until You Read This!

Posted on: July 14th, 2012 by JE

Okay. You want to have a pet gecko.  To get one in the quickest possible manner, you decided to buy online. There are indeed numerous gecko traders on the internet. But how do you know who’s person is going to give you an honest deal? Who’s saying the truth? How do you know if the pictures posted on their site is really the gecko they’re talking about? How do you ensure that they’ll send you your pet once you’ve made the payment?


Killing Geckos for Health Purposes Isn’t Worth It, Experts Say

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 by JE

Local authorities in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia are working double time in trying to catch illegal gecko traders. Due to the popular belief that geckos, especially Tokay geckos, can cure AIDS and other life-threatening diseases, the gecko trade has boomed in the past years.


Tokay Gecko Trade Boomed in SE Asia but Local Authorities are Alarmed

Posted on: May 11th, 2012 by JE

Tokay geckos have long been used as pets particularly in western countries. Reptile lovers would not really care at all about travelling all the way to Asia and spending lots of money just to buy this amazing kind of creature. But other than this, the unproven claim that Tokay gecko can aid in the treatment of disease related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus is another big reason why Tokay gecko trade has boomed in the past years.


A huge number of Tokay geckos can be found in South East Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. These animals live in tropical rain forests were its humid and moist. They are nocturnal creatures – meaning they are usually awake and active at night. Just like other species of lizards, Tokay geckos eat insects. They love crawling on branches, hiding in rocks, and chasing little bugs.


Unfortunately, Tokay geckos belong to the commonly abused animals in the world. It is believed that their blood and internal organs can help cure a wide range of health problems including asthma, diabetes, skin problems, and even cancer. In some parts in Asia, people add extracts from Tokay geckos in wines and whiskeys because they believe it can boost their strength and stamina. In Asia alone, hundreds of Tokay geckos are killed every day to meet the growing demand for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Indonesia, 2.3 million dried Tokays are exported to foreign countries. Tokays are also used in other countries. In 2002, more than 8 tons of dried Tokays were legally imported to the US to be used as an herbal medicine. Recently, local officials in Java failed to recover 6.7 tons of dried geckos that were exported to Hong Kong using fake permits.    


While the theory that Tokay gecko can treat a wide range of illnesses is still unfounded, more and more companies and individuals from South East Asia are selling geckos to foreign countries. What’s more frustrating is that more geckos are illegally sold.


While local gecko traders are very happy of the increasing demand for Tokays, the government authorities are not. In the Philippines for instance, capturing and selling Tokay geckos are prohibited except if the breeder/seller has acquired necessary permits. Geckos, particularly Tokays are nearing extinction. The concern of the government as well as animal organizations is that this practice can ruin soon lead to the extinction of reptiles.


Perhaps, the reason why Tokay geckos remained poorly protected is that there is not enough legislation that specifies penalties to those who would illegally capture, kill, and sell Tokay geckos. It doesn’t even belong to the list of animals that need protection as provided by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).


Tokay geckos are wonderful creatures. They may not be that expressive about their feelings as compared to dogs and cats but there is something so special about them that drive many people to take care of them. Each living organism has an important role to play in keeping the balance within the ecosystem. More action should be taken by every government to protect Tokay geckos and all other animals.