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Beginner’s Corner: Cleaning Your Tokay Gecko’s Tank

Posted on: September 9th, 2013 by JE

Being new to Tokay gecko ownership, you are not expected to know everything about Tokay geckos, but cleaning your gecko’s tank is a must. Part of being a responsible Tokay gecko owner is keeping your pet’s enclosure clean at all times. But what does it mean to “clean” the tank? Does it include washing the tank and everything in it or it simply means removal of debris (feces and food leftovers)? Let’s find out.


Dangerous Tokay Gecko Husbandry Practices That Can Lead to Accidents, Injuries, or Illnesses

Posted on: July 5th, 2013 by JE

Proper husbandry practices not only ensure that your Tokay gecko lives a happy and healthy life and that they live in a safe and comfortable environment, it also ensures that you, your home and your family are safe from accidents, injuries, sicknesses and illnesses brought by unsafe and unsanitary Tokay gecko enclosure and environment. This article will try to discuss 5 of the most common and dangerous Tokay gecko husbandry practices that can lead to accidents, injuries, and illnesses.


5 Common Husbandry Issues that Can Lead to the Death of Your Tokay Gecko

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by JE

Good husbandry is very important in keeping your Tokay gecko happy and healthy. This would include the right type of enclosure, properly installed lighting and heaters, tank decorations, healthy diet, supplementation, and regular cage maintenance. Poor husbandry can lead to several health issues and in worst cases – leads to the premature death of Tokay geckos. Below are 5 common husbandry issues that can lead to the death of your Tokay gecko. You may want to avoid these common mistakes of some gecko owners.


7 Important Things to Consider in Your Tokay Gecko Husbandry

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 by JE

Well, one of the most common causes of disease in Tokay geckos is poor husbandry, majority of which is due to poor diet and improper housing conditions mainly because of the owner’s ignorance. Today, it is a common phenomenon for some people to buy and keep Tokay geckos from pet stores without even knowing the basic Tokay gecko care.