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Keeping your Gecko’s Tank Warm

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 by JE

Why care about the temp and humidity?

In captivity, Tokay geckos must be provided with a highly conducive environment so they live longer, healthier, and happier. Among the greatest considerations when setting up a tank for Tokay geckos are the sources of heat and light. Without these two, the gecko becomes vulnerable to a variety of diseases; some of these can be lethal.


Some Reminders Before You Buy Substrate for Your Pet Gecko

Posted on: July 9th, 2012 by JE

When setting up a terrarium, your aim is to create an environment which is as close as possible to your pet’s natural habitat. Although they have similarities, reptiles have specific needs which must be addressed properly. Everything you place into your gecko’s tank should have purpose, and not just a piece of decoration. When shopping for the tank accessories, make sure you consider the safety and the comfort of your pet.


Some Reminders before You Buy Supplies for Your Gecko’s Tank

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by JE

Your pet gecko has just arrived. You’re very excited to have a reptile pet at home. At this point, you’re looking to buy some important stuff for your gecko. A tank – that’s all you got right now. Maybe you’re searching on Google to find some supplies needed for your pet. Good thing, you take a peak on this website. Before you shop around, it’s important that you know the most important supplies that you’ll need for your gecko – may it be Tokay, leopard, or any type of gecko.


Furnishing a Tokay Gecko’s Tank

Posted on: April 24th, 2012 by JE

What You Need to Know

Another interesting part of raising a gecko is furnishing its tank. Aside from making it look like its original habitat, you want to put some accessories so it looks pleasing to the eyes. On this article, you will find some ideas on beautifying your gecko’s home.