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Your Pet Might Be in Danger: Understanding infectious Diseases in Tokay Geckos

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by JE


Tokay Gecko Disease

Disease is defined as an unhealthy condition which is associated with clinical signs. There are many reasons why a Tokay gecko accumulates a disease. The major factors affecting it are the reptile’s environment and nutrition. Great care is necessary to sustain a gecko’s health especially in captivity.

Inflectional Diseases in Geckos

Usually, diseases in geckos are caused by infection. An infectious disease is generally caused by some microscopic organisms which has entered the host’s body through either of the following:

          Mouth (through eating)

          Wounded areas in the reptile’s body

           Skin pores


These microorganisms cause a negative reaction inside the Tokay gecko’s body which results to various symptoms such as inflammation, pain, internal bleeding, and so on. A gecko which has any sign of inflectional disease must be immediate medical attention by a qualified vet.

3 Types of Disease-Causing Microorganisms in Reptiles

1.    Fungi – fungal infections normally happen in geckos living in moist environment. The symptoms associated with it are skin discoloration, damage to scales and skin, and blistering. The infection is seen on surfaces where the fungi have accumulated. Tokays can accumulate this disease from prolonged exposure to moist substrate or soil. Although fungi usually attack the external body of the gecko, there are some types of fungus that attack the soft tissues of the lungs/

The rule of thumb to keep your pet away from fungal infection is to keep the substrate clean and dry. You need to replace it as often as necessary.

2.    Bacteria – in mild cases, bacterial infections resemble the symptoms of fungal infections. However, in some instances, bacteria target the internal organs of a Tokay gecko, causing intensive damage that is sometimes hard to cure. Bacteria may attack your pet’s respiratory system, digestive, circulatory, and reproductive system.

Most bacterial infections in Tokay geckos are easily treated with antibiotics if diagnosed in the early stages. Otherwise, this disease may spread and endanger the life of your pet. Prevention includes keeping its tank clean and sanitized. You need to remove its poop and leftover insects. Dead insects are common breeding place of bacteria and other parasites. Replacing the water and washing the water dish regularly is necessary.

3.     Virus – little is known about viral diseases in reptiles but they do exist too. Sadly, there are no treatments (as of now) for such diseases, the same with most virus-related health problems in humans. The worst thing about a virus infection is that it rapidly spreads. Sometimes, the best and only way to address this issue is to administer euthanasia so the virus doesn’t spread to other organisms.

If you suspect that your gecko has strange symptoms of an inflectional disease, take it immediately to the nearest reptile doctor. Never try to treat it yourself unless you’re pretty sure of what you’re doing and you have a background in veterinary. And most importantly, don’t waste time by hoping your Tokay will get better. The sooner you act, the more chances it has to survive.