Amazing Adaptation Features of Geckos

Posted on: June 26th, 2012 by JE

In the animal kingdom, adaptation is key to survival. Unlike human beings, animals live each day with a high risk of threat in their lives, especially those who live in the wild. But as they say, all things are made equal. Unlike humans, animals are gifted with special adaptation characteristics that make them survive day to day challenges which involve the presence of numerous predators.

Geckos are within the reptile family. They are lizards, but larger than the usual lizards we see on the ceiling. Geckos have special characteristics that help them easily adapt to their environment. Studies show that geckos have superior adaptation capabilities. They are able to change their appearance, color, move fast, release toxins, and other things that help protect themselves from danger.

Below are the most common adaptation measures of geckos:

Physical Features

Most geckos have thick skin. This is because majority of geckos live in desserts and in wild forests. They need some protecting covering which will keep them away from sharp objects and other harsh elements. They are known for being nocturnal too. Aside from finding mates, geckos make loud sounds to scare potential predators away.

Defense Mechanisms

While they may be larger than the common lizards, geckos are still small compared to majority of animals in the wild. Good thing, they have several adaptive features that allow them to escape or get away from predators. For instance, geckos can cut their tails into several portions. When a predator catches its tail, they can easily escape by dropping the part which has been captured. This tail will soon degenerate. However, it may not be as long as the original length. Some gecko species have the ability to blend their colors with the environment. They do this to safely move between environments or areas that have different backgrounds. This way, they will not be noticed by awaiting predators. There are geckos which can alter their shape or confuse predators with something inanimate. For instance, the leaf-tailed geckos can make their tail look like a flat leaf.

Fast Movements

Lizards are generally fast and furious, especially Tokay geckos. The speed by which geckos move is another interesting feature. Geckos can move upside down, cling to the tree branches as it move all over, and have the ability to twist their legs on a 360 degree. They can roam around high surfaces and can support an object that’s eight times heavier than their body.


Tokay geckos are known for being fierce and aggressive. They will fight until their last breath. They’re very much territorial. That’s why Tokay geckos are said to be loners. They are better off alone, unlike leopard geckos which are more docile. Tokays bite too hard so if you’re not used to holding Tokay or your pet is untamed, make sure to use appropriate gloves.


Just like most reptiles, geckos can survive many days without eating. More often than not, geckos find themselves in famine situations in the wild. When there’s scarcity, geckos cut their tails and eat it! Yes, they eat their own flesh but only the tail. This is just to survive the scarcity.




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