Beginner’s Corner: Maintaining the Right Temperature and Humidity of Your Gecko Cage

Posted on: September 11th, 2013 by JE

Temperature and humidity plays an essential role in your Tokay gecko’s health. As a new gecko owner it is very important to ensure that you maintain the right temperature and humidity inside your gecko’s tank.

Tokay geckos are cold blooded animals. Cold blooded animals do not have the natural capability to regulate their own body temperature. They simply rely on their environment to regulate their internal temperature. This means, they bask under the sun if they feel cold, or they hide in a moist environment or submerge their body in the water when they feel hot. The extremes of the temperature have an adverse effect in your gecko’s health. For instance, very high temperature may lead to indigestion or may cause imbalances in the metabolic processes in your Tokay gecko. It may also cause extreme dehydration which can be very fatal. Maintaining the balance between the temperature and humidity is a key in keeping your pet healthy.

How to keep the right temperature inside the tank?

Heaters are used to provide the required temperature inside the enclosure. There are several types of heaters. They come in different forms and types. Some of the common heaters available in the market are under tank heaters, ceramic and heat bulbs, and UV lights. However, since Tokay geckos are arboreal and nocturnal animals, under tank heaters and UV lights are not very advisable. Overhead heaters such as ceramic and heat bulbs are highly recommended.

You may need two sets of heaters, one is to be used as your morning heater and the other is for night time. Though you can do with just a single heater such as the ceramic bulb, however, this may require that you place your Tokay gecko tank near a window for a natural day light. Ceramic bulbs do not emit light, they only emit heat so they are perfect as nighttime heater as they do not disrupt the day and night cycle of Tokay geckos. Other good Tokay gecko tank heaters are red or black lights as it does not emit very bright lights. They do not hurt your gecko’s eyes and it also allows you to view them at night.

You need to maintain the morning temperature from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the evening temperature from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing a thermometer inside the tank will help you monitor the temperature more accurately.

You can also use a thermostat to automatically turn on or off the heater. This is an easier and more accurate way to control the temperature inside the tank.

How to maintain the right humidity?

Keeping the right humidity is as important as keeping the right temperature. Humidity plays an important role in your gecko’s bodily processes such as shedding. Low humidity makes it harder for your gecko to shed their skin. Since humidity is inversely proportionate to temperature, low humidity may cause the same effect as high temperature. So maintaining the balance is important.

You can increase the humidity inside the tank by misting the enclosure on a daily basis. You can use a regular hand spray, automatic mister, or a shallow dish of water. You can also place some live plants inside the tank to help regulate the humidity.

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