Beginner’s Corner: How to Tame a Newly Owned Tokay Gecko

Posted on: September 15th, 2013 by JE

Taming your pet is one of the greatest challenges of owning a Tokay gecko. Tokay geckos are very brave and aggressive animals. Unlike other gecko species that would normally take the flight when threatened, they would rather boldly defend their stand than flee or lose their tails. Because of this, they are unlikely pets for newbies. Nonetheless, with proper approach and technique, Tokay geckos can be tamed. And can be good companions.

Taming Your Tokay Gecko

There are three instances when a Tokay gecko is more likely to bite – when they are threatened, taken by surprised, or stressed. Agitated animals are more likely to defend themselves for self-preservation. This is normal and you need to understand your pet for this reason. They key is to make them feel comfortable with your presence. How do you do it? It is a long process that may require patience and great dedication.

“Getting to Know” Each Other

It is important that you slowly introduce yourself to your pet. But before you do anything, you may want first to secure a pair of thick cotton gloves to protect yourself from any unexpected or accidental bites at the same time to prevent your Tokay gecko from breaking their teeth from the bite.

Always maintain a slow phase when approaching your gecko. This is also true when feeding cleaning the tank. You do not want to startle your pet as it can trigger their defensive behavior. Slow offer your hand to your pet. If they try to withdraw, hiss, or open their mouth, pause for a while until they have settled down. Don’t pursue them if they run. You can try again the following day. This is important not to over stress your pet. On the next day, try the same method, if they retreat again, wait for the next day until you can finally have them to mount your hand. Remember this is not a 24 hour affair. You need first to gain their trust and it may take you weeks to do so. After they have mounted your hand, slowly lift them. If they try to jump, let them but don’t pursue them. Try again the following day.

After you made them mount on your hand, remember not to over handle them. Handling your Tokay gecko at this phase should not exceed 1 or 2 minutes as you can stress them. Do it every day until they get used to your touch and increasing each handling time to 3 or 5 minutes. Until such time that your Tokay gecko shows no sign of resistance or any signs of escape.

If you feel comfortable enough with one another, you can stop wearing your protective gloves but until then make sure to be always cautious.

More Tips.

Tokay geckos have special fondness to apple sauce. You may want to put a little amount of apple sauce in your palm and let them lick it. It will be easier for you to gain their trust. Just remember not to forget the red flags when handling your gecko – hissing, gaping of mouth, or slow waving of tail accompanied by hissing or gaping.

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