Beginner’s Corner: Disinfecting Your Tokay Gecko’s Tank

Posted on: September 8th, 2013 by JE

Tokay geckos are exposed to several types of microorganisms. Majority of which are harmful to your pet. Keeping them under control is important if you want to keep your Tokay gecko healthly.

Disinfecting your gecko’s tank removes most of the harmful organisms found on the surfaces which can cause different diseases and infections. You can find several disinfecting products in the market. They vary in potency and the chemicals used. Two of the most common disinfectant found in local grocery stores are household bleach and ammonia.  Though they are toxic to you and your Tokay gecko, they are still safe for use if you follow the instructions carefully. Disinfectants are also available from animal supply catalogues, feed stores, and industrial supply houses. These types of disinfectants (quaternary ammonia compound and chlorhexidine diacetate) are quite expensive. They are normally diluted in water to make a disinfecting solution.

You can mix 4 ounces of bleach or 3.5 ounces of ammonia in one gallon of water. This solution is enough to disinfect the tank and its furnishings without over doing it. It has to be remembered that weaker solutions must be used to disinfect your gecko’s tank.

Using a spray bottle, sponge, or saturated cloth, generously apply the disinfectant solution on the surface of the glass tank or furnishings to be disinfected. You can also soak the tank decorations in a bucket with the solution. Set them aside and let it sit from 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse them thoroughly with water. If the enclosure you’re using is made of wood, it is highly advisable that you avoid using ammonia or bleach. Make sure that every surface and corners are free from any residue of these chemicals as they can cause severe reaction to your Tokay geckos. Majority of which is fatal. You can also use natural disinfectant as an alternative.

When disinfecting, make sure that you are in an open space or where the air can freely circulate. Ammonia and bleach, in particular, are known to release harmful fumes. It is highly recommended that you use protective mask and rubber gloves when using these types of product.

How often should I disinfect my Tokay gecko’s tank?

Majority of Tokay gecko owners disinfect their gecko tanks at least once every 2 months or more often after or during an outbreak of a disease. If you clean your tank on a regular basis (at least twice or once every month) you can disinfect your tank on a longer interval.

Why disinfecting my gecko’s tank important?

Hundreds if not thousands of microorganisms are present in the environment. Some of them are airborne and are harmful to your gecko’s health. Disinfecting your Tokay gecko’s tank regularly helps control the growth and spread of these harmful agents. If these antigens are left to multiply, they can cause infection, illnesses, and diseases. Though they may not be fatal, they can still cause too much discomfort to your pet and to your budget.

What are the common natural disinfectants, if there’s any?

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant. Mix vinegar with water in a 1:9 ratio. This is enough to kill and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

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