4 Strange Things About Tokay Geckos that Might Startle You at First

Posted on: July 7th, 2013 by JE

You may find your new Tokay gecko fascinating yet strange. Perhaps you have read about them in a magazine or from online sources or maybe you have a friend who has a Tokay gecko and you were so amazed and thrilled to own one of these strange looking but adorable creatures.

You did a little research about Tokay geckos and finally you bought one. Having them physically might be a bit different than simply reading about them.  Tokay geckos are rather unique creatures that have strange habits and behaviors that might startle you at first. You may find them odd and might scare you to your bones but definitely these things are part of what they are and you’ll simple get used to them sooner or later.  Below are 4 strange things about Tokay geckos that might startle you at first.

Barking. They bark alright. If you have a male Tokay gecko, chances are on wet seasons you’ll hear them bark. The sound they make is similar to booming “to—kay” (this is where they get their name). This is a mating call. Male Tokay geckos make this sound to attract females that are nearby and to warn other males that a male owns the place. You may find it surprising at first but when you get used to it – it’s very cool!

Eyes Licking. Before it became a hit in Japan, Tokay geckos has been licking their eye balls for centuries. Tokay geckos have no eyelids. To be able to keep their vision clear and to remove any debris that gets into their eyes, they constantly lick their eyeballs. Licking their eyeballs also help keep their eyes moist.

Biting. Unlike other gecko species, Tokay geckos are more likely to bite than run away from their enemies. In fact, they are infamous for this. Majority of new Tokay gecko owners are taken by surprise by their pets. A Tokay gecko bite is strong enough to draw blood from the wound and they don’t simply let go of the bite. They are more likely to hold on your finger as they please. This is the reason why new gecko owners are advised to wear safety gloves every time they’ll handle or feed their Tokay geckos.

Creepy (Sticky) Toes. You can see them walk on glass walls and ceilings. Tokay geckos can walk on almost all surfaces (including wet surfaces). This is possible due to the tiny (microscopic) hair like structure called setae. The setae help Tokay geckos adhere to almost all surfaces dry or wet alike. If you happen to hold a Tokay gecko in your hand, you may find this creepy feeling when they crawl in your skin. It is best not to panic. They won’t stick on your hand forever (contrary to myths). It won’t even damage your skin, it is totally cool if you get used to them.

Tokay geckos are strange creatures but definitely they make wonderful pets. Getting to know their behaviors and accepting them as they are is a good starting point of a great Tokay gecko experience.

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